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Technician Training

Educational objectives of the training include:

  • Utilize the opioid triage tool to identify patients who are receiving an opioid prescription who may be at risk of misuse, use disorder, or accidental overdose.
  • Apply a case-based approach to identify patients at risk of opioid misuse and use disorder using the opioid triage tool.
  • Apply concepts learned to openly and confidently discuss the potential for opioid misuse and use disorders.
  • Integrate opioid triage tool into community pharmacy workflow
  • List communication techniques for discussing ONE Rx with patients

Pharmacist Training

Educational topics of the training include:

  • The science of addiction
  • An introduction to a tool to screen patients for risk of opioid misuse
  • Risks associated with accidental opioid overdose
  • Naloxone prescribing, dispensing, and counseling
  • Consultation on the risk of opioid misuse exemplified through lecture and role-play
  • A list of supporting services in the community for individuals concerned about an opioid use disorder is provided to pharmacists to disseminate to patients

Pharmacist Engagement in the Community to Target Opioid Misuse and Overdose Prevention

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How do I submit my CPE?

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